US-based Ghanaian Professor of Law, Prof. Stephen Kwaku Asare has expressed shock at the decision of Achimota school to reject the lawful directive issued by the GES to admit 2 students who wear dreads on religious grounds.

According to him the school which insists on the observance of rules has in itself refused to abide by the GES rules or the rules of the country that call for respecting religious rights, whose exercise does not interfere with their educational objectives.

“If rules must be followed, as they must in an orderly society, then Achimota must set an example by following the GES directive and aligning its rules with the laws of the country,” said Prof. Asare.

He stated that the education system will be in chaos if each school had the liberty to pick and choose which GES directive it wants to follow. Commenting on his Facebook page, the law Professor said many societies today allow Rastafarians to wear their dreads to public schools.

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