Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has urged the government to give equal opportunities to all other competent companies including Exton Cubic to mine Ghana’s bauxite. According to him, this is the only way to ensure peace in the country. Speaking during a courtesy call paid on him by the Management of GAIDEC and Rocksure, the Otumfuo stated “I remember during the time of the NDC, one of my grandsons took the matter to court, I think Exton something. With what the government is saying now they should also go and tender and be given the right to mine just like Rocksure has done”. said the Otumfuo.

According to the Asante King, only competent people should be given the opportunity to work on the concession. “We pray the Government will get competent people to also take up the remainder of the concession

Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu last week stated on Citi TV’s Point of View that the minority will not support the government’s award of the Nyinahini bauxite concession to Ghanaian firm, Rocksure International.

This was after the government announced as part of its agenda for an integrated Aluminum Industry it had finalized negotiations with Rocksure International to build a mine and refinery solution at Nyinahin-Mpasaaso. But Mr. Iddrisu said the minority in Parliament will vehemently oppose the Rocksure deal.

According to him, the solution was not to substitute Exton Cubic for Rocksure but rather to go back to parliament and ratify the agreement which was initially in favor of Exton Cubic.

Exton Cubic Group, the mining group owned by businessman Ibrahim Mahama had its three mining leases declared invalid by the Supreme Court and subsequently lost a review application challenging the apex court’s decision. The apex court unanimously declared the three leases invalid because they were not ratified by Parliament, as required under Article 268 Clause 1 of the 1992 Constitution.

The court, therefore, held that Exton Cubic had a non-existing right to those leases and, accordingly, quashed the decision of the High Court which had earlier quashed a letter from the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Mr. John Peter Amewu, revoking the mining leases.

Documents cited by show that as far back as 2014, Exton Cubic was involved in a competitive bidding process with three other companies namely BSC Company limited, Coronation Trust Resources Limited, and Rocksure International all indigenous mining companies before permission was granted Mr. Mahama’s firm to prospect for bauxite in the concession which stretches into the Tano Offin Forest Reserve of the Atwima Mponu District.

The Minerals Commission letter signed by Joseph Aboagye, Director, Policy Planning and Evaluation for Dr. Tony Auburn the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission and copied to all four companies invited the four companies to tender for the next phase of the concession process which saw Exton Cubic selected as the eventual winners


Many analysts and political commentators who have spoken to believe the award of the Nyinahini concession to Rocksure if not handled well could create enmity amongst both political parties especially after the minority indicated their resolve not to support the deal, a situation which is likely to hurt Ghanaian businesses.

There are those who believe Mr. Mahama was given a raw deal by the government and could go a long way to hurt Rocksure in the event of a change in government. Another school of thought also holds the view that considering the large nature of the bauxite concession, Mr. Mahama should also be given a portion by the government to ensure peace, a position which appears to be supported by the Asantehene.

Rocksure International according to our checks has only been given a third of the Nyinahin concession and will control 70% percent of shares with the remaining 30% going to the government of Ghana. Those urging for peace say the remainder of the concession if any must be given to Exton Cubic especially since both companies had earlier bided for the same concession in 2014 so as to avert any future confrontations or legal gymnastics in the event of a power change.