The deadly coronavirus has reportedly claimed the life of a  Teacher at the Ghana International School. Dora Baah is reported to have died over the weekend according to school authorities in a message to their community.

The death has sent shockwaves across the entire campus as Teachers and students of Ghana International School are in disbelief over the sudden death of their loved one

“We have lost Mrs. Dora Baah, Junior School Teacher (and former AVP) after a short battle with COVID-19,” Dr. Mary Ashun, Principal of Ghana International School, broke the news to the community.

She stated: “Dora was life itself. Everyone who knew her will attest to this. Her energy at school assemblies, her rib-crushing hugs, her jokes, and… her everything. Dora was GIS.

“The last time I saw her was when myself and the rest of the management team did our Christmas walkabout to deliver gifts to staff. Dora walked out of her room and met us with dancing as we sang ‘Oye’. I’m now clinging to that memory like a drowning person clinging to a floating raft because memories are all we now have. Dora taught EVERYBODY and leaves a very enviable legacy of being a teacher’s teacher, what we are all meant to do in our chosen vocation of teaching.

This adds to the rising number of  Covid-19 deaths reported over the weekend. Please stay safe and observe all protocols