As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the globe, some influential, rich, and famous individuals have joined the thousands who have lost their lives to the novel illness. In Ghana, the crises continue to surge with about 200 reported cases daily.

The Head of Corporate Finance at Fidelity Bank, Leornard Gikunu is reported to have died of Covid19. A very brilliant chap who designed the ESLA Bond financing program from scratch to finance the BDC indebtedness to the banks.

The former Director of Corporate Banking built the same petroleum finance loan book for the bank. He is a chartered accountant, a Chevening scholar and a first-class BSc Admin student from the University of Ghana, and a financial expert.

A few of his friends have taken to Facebook to express their shock. For the many who are still doubting the existence of Covid, this is yet another testament that the virus is real and killing many. Its time to mask up and observe all the necessary Covid protocols.