Former Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu has accused President Akufo Addo of publicly interfering in the work of the Attorney General when she failed to prosecute some NDC MPs for allegedly taking double salaries. The Criminal Investigations Department of the Police service in 2017 cited a number of NDC MPs for allegedly taking double salaries but the case was never pursued to the end.

In another long epistle responding to claims by now-Attorney General, Godfred Dame that he failed to prosecute anyone, Mr. Amidu said the decision to prosecute or not was never brought to his office. He accused Godfred Dame, now Attorney General of  being behind the politically inspired propaganda against his integrity which sought to link his resignation to his failure to deal with the offense of double salary

“The effigy of the Attorney-General published alongside the concocted falsehoods of me resigning without prosecuting a case which was
never handled by my office during my tenure as the Special Prosecutor demonstrates how shamefully low the hitherto respected ethical Office of the Attorney-General which I had the privilege of serving in for over fourteen years of my career has descended into since 7th
January 2021”. According to Martin Amidu

Martin Amidu also accused Godfred Dame of falsehood  “The framers of the 1992 Constitution followed the hallowed tradition of Anglo-Ghanaian jurisprudence by enshrining the prosecutorial powers of the Republic of Ghana in an Attorney-General who is professionally responsible for prosecutorial decisions made on a non-partisan basis and not the President”. said Mr. Amidu

According to him, during his fourteen years as Deputy Attorney General and Attorney General he could say without fear of equivocation that no Head of State or President ever sought to direct or interfere with the prosecutorial discretion of the Attorney General during that period.

“The President’s response at the media encounter of 13th December 2019 is the first time I ever heard, in my life, a President unashamedly and publicly usurping an independent prosecutorial constitutional discretion of an Attorney General”.Mr. Amidu claims

He accused President Akufo Addo of using the double salary case to manipulate NDC MPs in approving his Ministerial nominees

“The allusion by the President to a group performing the constitutional duties of the Attorney General to enable the President to decide, and “be in a position to let the country know what the final outcome of the double salary thing is…” shows beyond every reasonable doubt the interfering role of this President in the administration of criminal justice in deciding who must or must not be prosecuted for a crime and not the Attorney General. The Attorney General regrettably became a poodle of the President by ceding his or her constitutional
prosecutorial mandate to the usurping President.