Advocates For Christ Ghana has debunked widely held theories about the possibility of the new Covid-vaccine reducing fertility and depopulating nations. In a comprehensive release fact sheet on the covid vaccines, types, side effects, exemptions, as well as scriptural exhortations, the group urged citizens to make conscionable decisions about their health in relation to the covid crises

The fact sheet authored by the Health Gate of the Advocates for Christ organization also aims at educating the public and give them an understanding of the vaccination exercises and the pandemic in both scientific and spiritual truths.

“Amid a plethora of scientific data, controversial claims, conspiracy theories, varying cultural analysis of where the world possibly may be heading with the roll-out of mass covid vaccination exercises across the globe – here’s a collection of critical verifiable facts distilled through the filter of faith to guide citizens make conscionable decisions about their health in relation to the covid crisis,” said the group.

According to the group “A lot of concerns have arisen around the new vaccines especially those ones manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna for the COVID 19 pandemic”.

Below are a number of points addressed by the group:

  • Traditional vaccines usually take many years to be introduced as safe and efficacious. This time, new technologies have been employed in developing vaccines under a year from the onset of the pandemic.
  • People question the veracity of the efficacy of these vaccines because of their rapid development.
  • There are many unknowns about these vaccines because new technologies have been employed.
  • Concerns about long-term side effects such as the emergence of auto-immune diseases are legitimate. Studies and surveillance are ongoing even as populations are vaccinated, in order to intervene where possible.
  • The global deployment of these vaccines is actually part of the Phase IV clinical trial of nanomedicine