The Ntiamoah-Badu led committee on emoluments has questioned the country’s ability to sustain the payment of what it describes as heavy payments to article 71 officeholders. The 113-page report which has been sighted by says although the total compensation to article 71 officeholders is less than 1 percent of the total public sector compensation, individual levels of beneficiaries of Article 71 is much higher compared to the pay of levels of workers on the Single Spine Salary Structure

The committee noted with concern also the extension of conditions of article 71 to other groups that are not mentioned under the constitution.

“Of serious concern also is the extension of conditions under article 71 to other groups that are not mentioned under the constitution and the long-term impact of this development on the nations ability to sustain such heavy pension payments”. The committee noted.

According to the committee until the pay structure in the Ghanaian public service is enhanced to a level where the pay of the lowest-paid worker is adequate for him/her to live in dignity with the ability to provide for him/herself and his/her family the three basic necessities of life food, shelter and health public resentment against article 71 officeholders will not go away.

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