US-based law Professor, Kwaku Asare has taken a swipe at the Ntiamoah-Badu led committee on emoluments, accusing it of making recommendations that have the tendency of plunging the nation into further debt, poverty, misery, and hardships.
In a statement published on his Facebook wall, Mr. Asare said the committee has misunderstood the country’s balance sheet and misread its mood.
Below is the full statement.

Ntiamoa-Baidu distributes ex gratia, luxury vehicles, resettlement packages, spousal salaries, first-class tickets, and other benefits as if we are as rich as Sweden.
Yet, the $31.5M budgeted to purchase luxury vehicles for only 306 Beneficiaries is much higher than the budget of the Attorney-General’s Department.
Think about that.
Swedish politicians and judges travel in crowded buses and trains, just like the citizens they represent. Their citizens have decided not to fund a life of luxury for their leaders.
Ntiamoa-Baidu has misunderstood the country’s balance sheet and misread its mood.
Her recommendations will cost us a fortune, plunge us into further debt, poverty, misery and hardships.
Ntiamoa-Baidu has tasked poor Ghanafuo to finance a life of luxury for the few Article 71 holders even as they
struggle to get clean water, reliable electricity and access to toilets.
GOGO will not finance luxury vehicles for the few. It will finance public transportation for the many.
#SALL is the cardinal sin of the 8th Parliament.
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