The scramble among NPP members to succeed President Akufo-Addo ahead of the 2024 general elections is causing ripples within the party. The latest to add his voice is Gabby Otchere Darku who has warned that the success of the next NPP flagbearer will largely depend on the success of the NPP now in power. Several party bigwigs including former Chief of Staff Kwadzo Mpiani have said that the current trend is largely due to leadership failure and indiscipline within the party

, “There’s going to be an election for somebody who will take over from the president.

“The law makes it impossible for the president to go for a third term and therefore there is bound to be an election to select somebody who will take over from him [Akufo-Addo] … But I believe it’s so wrong to start this early when the government is barely in place.”

In a Facebook post, Mr. Otchere Darku earlier urged anyone in a haste to become President to do what Hillary Clinton did by stepping down. Although Mr. Otchere Darku did not mention any names, he warned the cabinet Minister to stop planting for delegates and votes.

It will be recalled that in the run-up to the 2008 elections 17 people ran for the position of NPP flagbearer. However, that leadership contest took place two years to the end of the tenure of the then president, in line with party rules. Some have described the jostling for power as badly timed and ill-advised. It is also clear that some ministers have begun taking sides or pitching camps with their preferred candidate, a development which has described as dangerous and an attempt to serve two masters. Others have also called on the President to sack such ministers from his government to give them the space to focus on their ambition.