US based Ghanaian Lawyer and Professor of Accounting, Stephen Kwaku Asare says the decision by the electoral commission to omit Guans from the December 7 elections is an impeachable offense

According to him, the electoral commission by its actions deprived the people of their rights to vote.

Commenting on his facebook page, Kwaku Asare warned that the EC could be in violation of the law if it fails to create the Guan constituency in the Oti Region and makes constituents elect their representatives before January 7 when the 7th parliament will expire.

It would be recalled that a day before the December 7 elections, the EC announced that the Guan District would take part in only the presidential election, explaining that although the Guan district has been established, a constituency is yet to be created in that regard.

“The Commission wishes to announce for the information of the public, especially voters in the Buem Constituency that the 7th December 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections will take place in the Buem Constituency as scheduled from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

“However, as a result of the creation of the Guan District Local Government (Guan District Assembly) (Establishment) Instrument, 2020 and pending the creation of the Guan Constituency, eligible voters in the Guan District will vote only in the Presidential Election but not in the Parliamentary Election in the Buem Constituency.

“Voters in the Guan District are to take note of this Directive from the Electoral Commission,” the EC said in a statement on December 6.

The newly created Guan District consists of Santrofi, Akpafu, Likpe, and Lolobi.

With less than three weeks to the January 7 when the 8th parliament will take effect baring any hitches, Professor Asare said the EC has no option but to ensure the Guan constituency is created and parliamentary election held there before the expiration of the current parliament.