While the number of accidents reported on Ghana’s highways is quite high, there are many other kinds of hidden dangers that one needs to be aware of. One of such dangers is the rampant robbery incidents reported on the Gimpa stretch. At night, the whole stretch from Fiesta Royale Hotel and parts of the new Ghana Water Company block to the GIMPA intersections has no street lights.

This has given room to robbery gangs who continuously torment motorists. The gang infamous in parts of Accra has become hyperactive on the Gimpa stretch. The road does not have lights, and the gang use techniques to stop the commuters and loot them.

Many similar incidents report that the gang sometimes use stones or other metallic objects like rods to stop the vehicles. They place the axles on the lanes, and unsuspecting cars hit the objects. The gang also throws rods at the bottom of moving cars. The cars stop to check the vehicles after hearing such sounds, and this is when the gangs target them and snatch away the valuables or even cars.



Several complaints have been made to the Ghana Police but little efforts have been made so far to stem the tide. So for now you need to be extra cautious when traveling on empty highway stretches at night. Keep an eye open for suspecting objects lying on the road and avoid it. If you hear something hitting the vehicle on an empty stretch, but the car is running fine, do not stop until you have reached a safe place. It is better to avoid unlit, empty stretches at night.