Businessman and economist Dr. Kofi Amoah has waded into the current controversy on the issue of gay rights and the clamor by pro-activist groups for legislation to protect the activities of LGBTQI in Ghana. The subject matter which has received widespread condemnation by a large section of the Ghanaian population seemed to have ruffled the feathers of politicians and religious leaders with the recent shutdown of the office of an LGBT rights group.

Professor of Law and Executive Director of the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development, H. Kwasi Prempeh subsequently lashed out at state authorities describing their actions as populists. The law Professor said he was surprised by the actions of the state since there was no law banning a person from being gay.

“since your lawyers, including human rights lawyers, seem afraid to tell you the truth, let me make this simple. There is no law, and there can be no law saying a person cannot be a homosexual” said Professor Kwasi Prempeh.

But in a sharp rebuttal, Dr. Kofi Amoah said humans  live more by culture, customs, traditions, and conventions than by laws of man

Below are his comments

“Any society that lives only by-laws will lose the essential and indispensable psychological and spiritual ether which defines and binds people together in some unique fashion to form their collective heart, their lungs, their language, their song, and dance, and their larger definition of themselves and their communities and societies… to weave  the most beautiful and magical tapestry of our enduring and self-enriching, sometimes unsure but always a humming locomotive of a HUMAN RACE, created not by the laws of a man with his limitations and insecurities… but by a perfect architecture, in science and fiction, the handiwork of the SUPER ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE