Business Mogul, Ibrahim Mahama hit one of the most famous golf courses in Ghana for a game with some friends … a group that included some of the rich and famous in the country.

Mr. Mahama was out at none other than the Achimota Golf course Saturday where he was joined by other friends… who appeared to be his partner (or competition perhaps?) for the day.

The Engineers and Planners Founder who is soon to outdoor his Dzata Cement factory took time off his very busy schedule to join other golfers over the weekend to revive what he describes as an “old passion”.



The tournament was organized by Dr. Sam Jonah and in attendance saw other CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business tycoons. CEO of EIB Media Group, Bola Ray was also present at the event

Of course, there was also a swarm of friends around standing to watch … and their presence wasn’t very low-key either.

Dr Sam Jonah and others on the high table  got video of Mr. Mahama  — and it looks like he sliced his initial attempt … being allowed a mulligan (aka, a do-over), which apparently went much better, as he got a round of applause from a crowd of people that had gathered to watch him hit.

You can tell Mr. Mahama was in a pretty good mood … laughing it up, cracking jokes about his old passion, and even posing for photos at one point with Bola Ray and others.

EIB Network CEO Bola Ray in a pose with Mr Mahama

Golf has been classified as the most elitist and exclusive sport, destined for rich men