There appears to be no end in sight to the controversy involving Lawyer Akwasi Afrifa and his client Ogyeedom Obranu Kwesi Atta IV.  The Chief dragged his Lawyer, Afrifa to the General Legal Council accusing him of having collected US$100,000, with a promise to help get a favourable judgement on his behalf.

The Chief, Ogyeedom Atta IV who is asking the GLC to order Lawyer Afrifa to refund the said amount claims his lawyer failed to use the money for its intended purpose.

However, Lawyer Afrifa in response to the petition denied the claims by Ogyeedom Kwesi Atta IV and rather accused the petitioner of collecting a refund of his legal fees allegedly to enable him to raise a US$5 million bribe to be paid to the Chief Justice to get a favourable decision in a pending legal dispute.

Chief Justice, Enin Yeboah has denied the allegation and subsequently petitioned the Police CID to probe the claims

But in another release, lawyers for the Petitioner have accused lawyer Afrifa of falsehood suggesting he has ill intentions of denigrating the person of the Chief Justice. According to the letter ” We have our clients instructions to respond in the outset to the respondent’s response is a pack of untruths designed to denigrate the person of the Chief Justice, against whom the respondent has cultivated deep-seated animosity, and collaterally calculated to cause disaffection of the supreme court”.

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