I remember in 2012, when MP for Assin-Central, Kennedy Agyapong was arrested for allegedly making inciteful comments. The entire nation was thrown into a state of pandemonium. Leading members of the then opposition NPP marched to the Police headquarters in support of their party member. All attempts were made by his lawyers to secure him bail, but the powers that be ensured that he spent two nights at the BNI. The Assin-Central law maker was subsequently charged with treason to the surprise of many lawyers who considered the charge as laughable and regrettable.

Government Spokespersons including then Vice President John Mahama justified the arrest and in an apparent response to Former President Kufour who described the arrest as “using a sledge hammer to kill a fly”, Mr Mahama said government will even use a bull dozer to kill an ant whose intention was to forment trouble

Fast forward to 2018,NDC Deputy General Secretary Koku Anyidoho a.k.a “comfortable lead” has found himself in the grip of the police for allegedly making treasonable comments and just like what happened in April 2012, NDC leaders marched to the police headquarters demanding the release of their General secretary. Tell me if this is not history repeating itself in an interesting way?

Former President Mahama tweeted subsequently saying the high-handed approach by the BNI was disproportionate. Again, tell me if this is not history repeating itself in an interesting way? The police, and in this case the BNI have also been used to carry out this arrest, signifying another interesting way of history repeating itself. These law enforcers never disappoint. One of the most loyal organs of state since independence.

Like Abdul Malik Kweku Baaku would say “same script,different actors”. What is however different is that the tables have turned, one is in power, the other is in opposition

What is also different is that whereas in the case of Ken Agyapong, the then Vice President remarked, we are yet to hear from both Akufo-Addo and Dr Bawumia on the arrest. Again we wait to see if Koku will be hauled before the law courts on charges of treason. Another differentiating factor is that whereas John Mahama as leader of the NDC had clearance from the high echelons of power to visit and take selfies with Koku, Ken did not have same.

We’ve also witnessed some brutalities due to police excesses on some innocent protesters, including a joyfm journalist. In all this neither Koku nor Ken ever complained of being manhandled by the Police. In fact they were served and taken good care of at the behest of the tax pay, that’s if koku’s testimony is anything to go by.

So i ask myself why do we allow politicians to do this to us,when there are pressing issues of unemployment, health, education, security and shelter to deal with. Why do we allow such drama to overtake a nation of nearly 30 million people and hold a nation spellbound. I eagerly await with bated breath, the day politicians will desist from making inflammatory comments. I also await to see the day party supporters will refuse to follow their leaders to the slaughter house.

Lets awaken from our slumber as a people and begin to read in-between the lines else i swear by my unborn child that history will repeat itself in another eight years from now except to say what happened in 1972 cannot recur.