Renowned Broadcaster, Larry King, who died Saturday, was known almost as much for his multiple marriages and divorces as he was for being an icon of broadcasting. The former CNN icon who died at the age of 87 was married eight times to seven different women. Before being diagnosed with Covid, King had a variety of medical issues from type 2 diabetes, surviving several heart attacks, and underwent quintuple bypass surgery in 1987.

King first got married at the age of 18 and once confessed that he never cheated on any of them, although some of his exes disagreed.

“I got married a lot,” he once said. “But in my head, I’m not a marrying guy. When I grew up, nobody lived together. If you fell in love, you got married. And so I married the ones that I loved. But what I loved at 20 is not what I loved at 30, and what I loved at 30 is not what I loved at 40.

However King’s longest marriage was with Southwick — and the only one that lasted and although he filed for divorce in 2019, they were reportedly still married at the time of his death.

King and Southwick got married in a hospital room in 1997 just before he underwent surgery to clear a blocked blood vessel and are blessed with two sons, Chance, 21, and Cannon, 20.

Southwick, a show biz vet with a background in acting and singing on TV shows in the 1970s and ’80s, was the daughter of a longtime music manager.

Despite the marriage being rocky, due partly to their 26-year age difference and Southwick’s rumored infidelity (including a reported dalliance with her son’s baseball coach), she appeared devastated when she learned King had filed for divorce. “I was crushed, I had no idea that this was coming, it hurt yeah. I was totally blindsided.”