Son of Ghana’s first President, Sekou Nkrumah has described Ex-President Rawlings as a very wicked man who never believed in democracy. His remarks come just a day after the former President was buried. See below the full text of his statement on facebook
Ok have they buried JJ yet? I hope so because I really want to speak my mind on this matter.
Let’s throw away the Ghanaian legendary hypocrisy and talk plain.
The man was a very wicked man, and he was not a nice guy! Handsome yes, in his younger days. Charismatic? Sure he was, and he could run his mouth like all the other empty barrels, including Trump!
He betrayed June 4 when he staged the Libyan sponsored 1981 coup, and he messed up on the revolutionary stage! After criticizing the IMF and World Bank he made a u- turn and embraced them, and in the process exposed his lack of socialist credentials.
He was simply a populist who climbed on the back of the ordinary folks to fame!
JJ was also a violent, blood thirsty man. Don’t you think he and Kojo Tsikata were involved in the murder of the three judges? Why do you think Johnny Hansen resigned from the PNDC?
Don’t you know that JJ was responsible for the killings and disappearances of many Ghanaians in the early days of his revolution?
He hated the rich or privileged in society, yet he had no problems enjoying the good life established for himself as our longest serving head of state!
Did he deserve the heckling from the babies with sharp teeth in the “new” NDC era? Yes he did, because his criticisms of Professor Mills where due to his attempt to impose himself and his wishes on the good Professor and nothing else!
His hunger for power never diminished, he strongly believed that Ghana was justifiably his for the taking!
He was smart enough to understand the Ghanaian way of thinking. We fear and respect authority, so the dare devil he was he forcefully captured state power. And then terrorized the Ghanaian populace and pushed them into submission! Remember the culture of silence?
Remember his mocking of Professor Adu Boahene during the 1992 elections campaign saying “ some of us will make history, and others will write it”?
Yes Rawlings never believed in democracy, it was rather the “democratization of violence” he felt comfortable with, that was his element, his home!