His friends call him ‘Sark’ but his dreams of becoming one of the world’s coolest neurosurgeons and Christian rappers of all time hangs in the balance. This is because 13-year-old Michael Kofi Asiamah has been diagnosed with a tumor in his brain. 

The songwriter who also enjoys Christian rap has composed many original songs of his own and performed at events.

“My friends also call me Sark because there’s no Sarkodie song I cannot rap verbatim,” said Micheal. 

Michael has been consistently recognized as one of the best overall students.

“I’m always happy to take on new challenges and my dream is to become one of the world’s best and coolest neurosurgeons and Christian rappers of all time”.

In 2020, Michael began having regular headaches and doctors thought they could be caused by strain in his eyes.

“My vision also became slightly blurry and after seeing an eye doctor I was prescribed eyeglasses. While this helped with the blurry vision, the headaches became worse causing me to feel sick and vomit all the time. I also gained a lot of weight in a short time”.

Two weeks ago, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor sitting in the middle of his brain. Doctors told his mother he would need two surgeries urgently. Due to high pressure in his head(intracranial pressure) causing damage to his brain, an emergency surgery was done within 24 hours of diagnosis and a tube was placed to drain the fluid from his brain and stop the headaches. The second surgery to remove the tumor is scheduled for Tuesday, 6th April 2021. Due to the placement of the tumor, doctors are unsure they will be able to surgically remove all of it without fatal injuries.

“The part of the brain affected controls my breathing and other critical body functions. The plan is to undergo radiotherapy in the weeks and months following surgery to shrink the rest of the tumor that can’t be removed” said Micheal.

If you are touched by Micheals’s story and would like to donate. Please click on this gofundme link to donate. May the death and resurrection of Christ rekindle your hope and spirit.