The recent public debate on the issue of LGBTQ rights in Ghana appears to have evoked strong sentiments particularly by proponents of the bill which is expected to criminalize the activities of homosexuals. The law according to its sponsors is to promote proper human sexual rights and Ghanaian family values. Person’s therefore who hold out as homosexuals will suffer between three to five years imprisonment while promoters, advocates, sympathizers, or sponsors of homosexuals could face up to ten years prison sentence.

While many Ghanaians are firmly in support of the bill describing homosexuality as unnatural and alien to Ghanaian culture, the few who have raised concerns about the propriety of the bill have either been insulted, accused of being paid to promote the activity, or tagged as homosexuals themselves.

But it appears many who are either in support or against the bill have either not read the draft bill or maybe arguing purely from a moral or religious point of view.

A cursory analysis of the proposed bill reveals attempts by the state to criminalize oral sex in the same way as it treats anal sex. Such persons who penetrate the mouth or stimulate the vagina with any foreign object could face between three to five years jail term.  According to the law

“A person penetrates the anus or mouth of another person with the penis of that person or other contraception or a person by use of any object or contraception, penetrates or stimulates the vagina or anus of another person or when a person by use of a penis or any other object or contraception penetrates the anus or other bodily opening of an animal for sexual gratification”.

Critics of the Anti-LGBTQI say any attempt to regulate what people do in their bedrooms is a recipe for disaster. “This clearly affects heterosexuals also who are believed to engage in oral sex”, one of the critics of the bill said. According to him, this law is preposterous “Nobody has sex in the public so what are they talking about. He wondered why the state will want to determine for people what gives them sexual pleasure and go ahead to criminalize it.

Research suggests that people’s tolerance of homosexuals depends on whether they believe it is caused by nature(in-born) or nurture(choice). Those who believe it is nature are a lot more tolerant while people who believe it is a choice have very little tolerance for homosexuals

Many states in the United States have dropped the “anti-sodomy” law on the books, which criminalizes oral and anal sex —after the Supreme Court ruled that laws like these are unconstitutional.