Legal Practitioner and Cousin to the President, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko has lamented about the discomfort posed by fast cars with growling exhausts. This follows recent arrests made by the Ghana Police. Some residents of Labone and its environs have had their cars seized for alleged noise-making.  Below is his Facebook statement.


I hear the police in Accra are arresting more and more people for driving fast cars with growling exhausts. The police must, of course, be allowed to do their work. But, let me share with you my own little experience years ago. In the mid to late 80s and early 90s that was the in-thing for me, driving ear-bashing fast cars and police in London will occasionally stop me but (after assuring themselves of ownership), their main interest was for me to open the bonnet to check the size of the engine! They were simply fascinated!

Noise pollution can make the lives of people in some neighborhood an absolute misery, especially areas with good roads and at night when the gods are even resting.

Last year, some towns in the UK were testing acoustic cameras to arrest and fine offenders. Fast cars with loud noises is a global phenomenon and, as one observer, puts it, a side effect of a “progressing society.”

As Morgan Korn puts it, for many drivers, the best part of owning a sports car is not the blistering speeds, countless stares and zero to 60 mph acceleration. It’s the deep, visceral burble that rings out each time the car is awakened with the push of a button.

At full throttle, these hot sports cars and supercars shoved insane decibels indiscriminately into our ears, not to mention the health hazard it poses to the drivers of such vehicles.

I am a little uncomfortable about one aspect though. If the police in Accra now think it is becoming a menace and arresting loud exhaust cars is now a priority thing for them then please let them accompany that with some obvious public education.

What is the current legal noise limits for a car? Is it 74 decibels? And, is it illegal to
modify a car’s exhaust system to make it noisier than the level at which it passed type approval with? The police must do more if their latest focus is to “disturb” those disturbing neighborhoods with their muffler power.

There are other road traffic laws which Ghanaians would also (or even rather) love to see being applied to the letter!

I am all for applying the rules but if there is discretion to discriminate then I personally would rather the Police spend more quality time enforcing the covid protocol rules!

Noise pollution on our street maybe ear-demolishing but Covid is life-demolishing! Covid is real. Stay safe!