US-based Ghanaian law Professor, Stephen Asare appears upset about the manner in which state funds are supposedly being disbursed to politicians and other state officials. The anger follows recent recommendations by the Ntiamoah-Badu led committee on emoluments which detailed the salaries of article 71 officeholders including other public servants. In his Facebook post, Kwaku Azar as he is affectionately called lamented the huge sums of salaries and allowances paid to the country’s “Big Men” including CEO’s and Board Members of state institutions, many of whom he claims make annual losses .

The Ntiamoa-Badu led committee on emoluments hinted the remuneration structures of several state-owned enterprises and institutions show far better terms and conditions of service than what exists under article 71

See below the full statement by Kwaku Azar




Consider a Justice of the Supreme Court who served for a decade at each of the Superior Courts. On retirement, he will grab ex gratia equal to 30 months salary of a Supreme Court Judge + 20 months salary of an Appeal Court Judge + 10 months salary of a High Court Judge.
Under Ntiamoa-Baidu that is:
(₵22,724 * 30) + (₵21,528 * 20) + (₵19,136 * 10)
That is ₵1,303,640 ex gratia for the 30 years of service.
A thank you present for all the brilliant, timely, memorable, quotable, and landmark judgments written over the years.😀
Then he retires at the current salary of ₵22,724 per month plus health, security, and auto benefits. The salary and benefits are then boosted every 4 years by a Committee that never includes those who have publicly expressed negative views on this boondoggle.
But that is not the only areas where the treasury is at the mercy of the “big men.” Another area is the compensation of CEOs and Board Members of the SOEs, many of which make annual losses.
As high as the President is paid, his salary is only 63% of that of the CEO of Ghana Gas as quoted by the Ntiamoa-Baidu Emolument report.
And for what?
Why then won’t Ntiamoa-Baidu violate the Constitution by adding the First and Second spouses to the pool of beneficiaries after noting that her predecessors had equally violated the Constitution by providing for people not specifically named under Article 71.
Well, let them enjoy it while it lasts for GOGO will take a big pair of scissors and rip these benefits to shreds. GOGO will sunset the Article 71 chop chop on day 1!!
#SALL is the cardinal sin of the 8th Parliament.
Da Yie!