Founder of the Action Faith Chapel Ministries, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has revealed that the late President , Jerry John Rawlings had deep regrets. In a statement, the Archbishop called on Ghanaians to help pray for his repose of the soul .
“As much as the timing is painful and difficult, Scripture says “there is no man that has power over the spirit to retain the spirit, neither has he power in the day of death and there is no discharge in that war.” (Eccl 8:8). Duncan Williams said.
He described the former President as a man who  ‘dared greatly’ and will never be among those cold and timid souls who neither know great defeats or victories. Late President Rawlings was the personification of “the Man in the Arena”.
Duncan Williams recounted the year 2000 when Ghana was at the crossroads , “I was living in the US at the time, many people called me with concerns about the uncertainty of the future political spectrum of our beloved nation Ghana.
According to him the former President despite the widespread apprehension assured him that he was willing to hand over peacefully “In a conversation with Jerry about these concerns, he expressed his conviction that he had done his best and had to now move on to make way for others to come in and continue the task of nation-building”.
This spoke volumes to me about the selfless character of the man. Can you imagine what the story of Ghana would be if he had selfishly held on to power? I will remember him for putting Ghana first.
The Archbishop also implored all Ghanaians to focus on the good things that the former President did for the nation and forgive him for the wrongs
“Now is the time to focus on the good that he did and the contributions he made, to extend forgiveness and grace where he missed it. He himself had some deep regrets. The best contribution we can all make to his legacy is to unite as Ghanaians and put country first: to build together as citizens of a community rather than divided peoples of parties and tribes. We should care less about self-enlargement and the things that divide us, as he did”.
“I respectfully ask that in memory of the Late President Jerry John Rawlings that you join me and the Action Chapel network of churches worldwide, in a day of memorial and corporate prayer on Monday, 16th November from 12noon to 1pm GMT (7am EST) at the Prayer Cathedral, Spintex Road, Accra, or you can join us online on Facebook Live on ArchbishopNick “. stated the Archbishop