Critics of John Peter Amewu have often dismissed him as a political amateur but he is having the last laugh in Hohoe now.

Results on Monday night confirmed that JP as he is affectionately called has won the Hohoe constituency seat for the New Patriotic Party with a thumping victory and may arguably have rescued his party from trailing one more seat to the NDC

This is certainly a triumph for the 51-year-old politician from Wli Todzie who had been written off more than once, First in 2004 and then in 2008. He is an example of how not to give up in politics, just like his political mentor Nana Akuffo- Addo.

John has built a solid political reputation over the years.

In his relatively short period of four years as Energy Minister, JP turned Hohoe into a ‘’city of gold”, providing basic amenities for his people and investing massively in infrastructure for the Hohoe community. He affected the lives of practically every home in Hohoe,providing schlorships,jobs  and recreational facilities for his people. Johns effect was beyond politics. It did not matter whether you were NPP or NDC.

“He doesn’t seem like an ordinary politician”. According to his supporters.

John Peter in his hay days as DCE

He has managed to create this aura around himself of being an eccentric, somebody who is funny and appeals to people beyond the usual party divides.”

As a child, John’s goal was to help the people of Hohoe.” And he stopped at nothing to see that dream materialize

But his path to victory was not smooth. John lost his dearest sister in 2019, a tragedy that hit him so hard considering the enormous role she played in his life as well as parliamentary bid.

His energy and popular appeal was very instrumental in the victory of the “blue” party in the 2016 general elections, a victory that earned him the name “Jean Pierre” by the NDC’s Koku Anyidoho. Critics say his campaign as Regional Chairman of the NPP in the 2016 elections was built on hard work, determination and vigilance

After the elections, John was made Lands Minister by President Akufo Addo, one of the top jobs in government. Two years later he was appointed Energy Minister after the resignation of Boakye Agyarku.

But after two failed attempts to represent the people of Hohoe the “do or die” date of December 7 came and went, and John gambled on an election in hopes of securing the mandate of his people in Hohoe. It was risky, but it paid off eventually.

His campaign was disciplined and focused, hammering home the “development” message. John was criticized for spending lavishly but the message and strategy worked and today he is on course to taking Hohoe to the promised land. Love him or hate him, John Peter Amewu has proven to be a formidable force for the NPP in the Volta region and could be in the reckoning for a future Presidential bid, I said so’. “Ekpelekpedzi” as we affectionately call each other has done the magic . Congrats comrade!!!!!!