Professor of Law and Executive Director of the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development, H Kwasi Prempeh has lashed out at state authorities describing their actions as populists for closing down an LGBT office in Accra, Ghana. The police yesterday raided and closed down the office of an LGBT rights group after politicians and religious leaders called for its closure.

However, in a reaction on Facebook which has been widely criticized and met with strong  opposition, the law Professor said he was surprised by the actions of the state “Populism is when you would ‘rebrand’ and  keep open witches camps that cast away and hold poor women  hostage in violation of their human and constitutional rights, yet rush  to shut down an LGBT office that is victimizing no one and breaking no law” said H Kwasi Prempeh

According to him “since your lawyers, including human rights lawyers, seem afraid to tell you the truth, let me make this simple. There is no law, and there can be no law saying a person cannot be a homosexual.

He said any such law would only be criminalizing one’s person as opposed to one’s conduct or act.

“Laws criminalize conduct(usually done with a certain intention: laws do not criminalize one’s personhood or status. Our constitution, like most others, does not permit the criminalization of a person. If you want to live in a society where you can criminalize a person, as opposed to a specific action, you should probably move to live in ISIS territory”.

Professor H Kwasi Prempeh went further to state that the Jewish state of Israel does not even criminalize being a homosexual. “A homosexual is not an act; it is a person, a human being”. Get it, he said