US-based law Professor of Accounting, Stephen Kwaku Asare has described as ” heartless” the judgement handed out to actress Rosemond Brown also known as Akuapem Polo. An Accra circuit court presided over by Christina Cann today sentenced the lady to 90 days imprisonment over the publication of naked pictures with her son. The conviction comes after she posted a naked picture with her son on Instagram celebrating his seventh birthday. In reading her judgement, Christina Cann expressed discontent with the alarming rate with which nudity has become a thing in the country’s social media space.

But reacting to the issue on his Facebook page, Professor Kwaku Asare said he finds nothing wrong with the release of nude or semi-nude pictures. According to him, such an act may best be described as in bad taste  “My view, as a reasonable person is that a semi-nude picture is not per se obscene and I frankly did not find the said picture obscene. This is not to say I found it to be in good taste. But differences in taste should not be and has never been at the heart of section 280”.

The law Professor defended the actions of the actress suggesting that nudity as a form of expression dates as far back to ancient times. “First, semi-nude or nude publication per se is not obscene. Otherwise, Professor Yanney Ewusi’s tropical biology book will be banned from the classrooms. Rather, nudity as a form of art or expression is as ancient as man himself and can be found in Genesis, for those who are inclined to read the story of Adam and Eve.
Below is the full statement