With barely a week to the highly anticipated American elections, Senate Republicans have voted to confirm President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Monday, a major victory for the President and his party

The vote 52-48, could push the high court in a more conservative direction for many years to come.



48-year-old Barret is likely to serve on the court for many years and will give conservatives a 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court, which could have major implications for a number of issues that could come before it, including potential disputes regarding the 2020 election.

The only person to have crossed party lines and voted with the Democrats against the nomination was a Republican Senator. Susan Collins of Maine, who is in a tough reelection fight. Critics expressed say the closeness of the election makes it unconscionable to consider a nominee now.

The President is expected to swear in Barrett at the White House in an outdoor ceremony later Monday night. This appointment will mark the third of his tenure in office making it possible for the conservative party to fulfill its promise of transforming the federal courts through lifetime appointments

Senate Republicans, who hold a majority in the House, pushed ahead with one of the fastest nomination proceedings in modern times following the death of the late Justice and liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg last month.