Former Finance Minister and Founder of Unibank, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor is expected to deliver a groundbreaking lecture titled: The Ghanaian Dream: Transforming the Economy through Job Creation and Opportunities for All”.

He will be speaking at a forum organized by the Institute of Fiscal Studies on November 29, at the Tang Palace Hotel in Accra.

The much-touted Presidential hopeful of the NDC is expected to speak about strategies to support the youth build meaningful lives.

He recently criticized the management of the country’s resource endowment saying a lot could change if we decided to efficiently and honestly use them.

The seasoned entrepreneur has recently initiated a campaign, canvassing for more supporters for the NDC. In a one-minute video that went viral some months ago, the former Central Bank Governor is seen asking the question, what does Ghana mean to you?

Dr. Duffour in the video spoke about the opportunity he got as a young person and justified why the same opportunities should be made available for today’s youth.

He indicated how lucky he was to have been allowed to dream of a better life and made it happen. “I want every young person in Ghana to have a chance to achieve the Ghanaian dream”

Dr. Duffour has indicated his resolve to provide a real opportunity to everyone to make something for themselves saying “so that they can build, run and better thus great country of ours, We owe this to our children and indeed we owe it to ourselves too”,

It remains to be seen if the Unibank Founder will challenge John Mahama for the standard-bearer position of the NDC or is simply rallying the youth to join the NDC and help recapture power in 2024 elections.

Dr. Duffour is the founder and chairman of HODA Holdings, a business entity comprising insurance, banking, real estate, farming, mining, and media, He is also the founder of Unibank which controversially collapsed in 2018.