Family of  Barbara Tommey who was tragically murdered on Monday by her estranged husband have distanced themselves from ongoing interviews by persons allegedly close to the family and seeking to explain the circumstances surrounding the death of their daughter . In a statement,the family urged the public to respect their privacy as investigations continue to unravel the circumstances leading to her death.

The family also denied having designated anyone to speak on their behalf and cautioned against speculations and interviews . The tragic murder of the 27 year old has gripped the attention of the world, leading to speculations by many about potential causes of her death.

Last week, a woman who identified herself as Barbara Tommey’s big sister came to her defence after a social media user blamed the pastors actions on infidelity on the part of his wife. But the woman by name Elizabeth Sophia Russell, who is in Ghana, described the deceased as a responsible and virtuous woman who was not living an immoral life.

In an interview with Kofi TV which  has sighted on Facebook, Tommey’s supposed sister explained that just like any other marriage, the couple had their own issues and decided to go their separate ways after five years of marriage. The couple were going through a divorce until Barbara was shot and killed by her estranged husband

Below is a statement by the family

statement Barbara Tommeys family