“If you’re afraid of the unknown you never know how high you can go”. Dr. Kofi Amoah
“In looking for success you must be possessed’- Dr. Kofi Amoah

Celebrated Ghanaian businessman, Dr. Kofi Amoah has challenged political leaders to as a matter of urgency stop the borrowing, import dependency, and joblessness that currently engulfs the country. According to him, the current rate of joblessness in the country is becoming alarming and must be tackled head-on. The avowed youth advocate who is livid about the pace of joblessness in Ghana says it is time for leaders to stop borrowing and invest in the future of the youth.” They will come and tell us they have created jobs, but let me tell you it is not massive enough”.Dr. Amoah stated

“Let me tell you the three evils facing Ghana now, i.e. joblessness, import dependency, and borrowing, and the three reinforce each other. We must stop borrowing and begin to invest in our young people because they are going to become the policymakers, the teachers, the decision-makers, so if we don’t invest in them now it means we have ruined the future”. Dr. Amoah said

According to him, the youth are more than ready to be supported. “Africa cannot change if we don’t put emphasis and attention on our material human beings. They are going to be competing with other people from the world in ten, fifteen years from now and how are they going to be able to compete”? Dr. Kofi Amoah questioned.

He says the only justification for borrowing will be to strengthen the future of our nation which is the youth .“The joblessness has not helped us in creating goods and services so we are depending on other people’s goods and services and because we have not created strength in certain sectors of our economy, we can’t pay for the goods we import so we have to keep borrowing”.

Dr. Amoah who owns a number of businesses and real estate in the United States was sharing his views on leadership at the YLeaderboardseries on Yfm.

He recounts his days as a young vibrant man living a fashionable Los Angeles lifestyle that was fueled by a good job, a big car, and a nice expensive apartment overlooking the sea. Dr. Amoah said he had to take the bull by the horn in pursuit of success

Kofi Amoah also encouraged the youth to seek success by adding value to themselves. According to him, the only secure way of building a successful life is to build their own businesses instead of relying on paychecks. The CEO of progeny ventures who is responsible for the emergence of Western Union in Africa believes his dream to dare propelled him to attain greater heights.

“One day I was shaving and for some reason, I stopped and somehow I started talking to myself, Kofi Amoah if you want to make it, you gotta change your lifestyle”. He recalled that although he was comfortable in life, a bright future could be an endangered species. That was the turning point in his life

Today Dr. Amoah owns a number of businesses. He is the founder and president of J.S. Investments Inc., Los Angeles, PPVI Ghana Ltd, and Progeny Aluminum and Design Ghana Ltd.

Through his efforts global remittance service provider, Western Union has expanded and operates in all 54 African countries.

He has served as Non-Executive Director of State Insurance Co of Ghana Ltd since May 29, 2008. He worked in the United States at Northrop, Electronic Data System (EDS), Southeast Investment Corporation Development, Elsafe Incorporated, Global One and Bear, Stearns Inc.