Business Magnate Dr. Kofi Amoah is worried nothing seems to be working right in the Akufo Addo government and has questioned who the President’s advisors are. The 72-year-old millionaire who is responsible for introducing remittance service to Africa and has recently been vocal on a number of national issues took to Instagram to lament his frustrations about recent developments in the country. Dr. Amoah in his post sought to suggest that it was time for the President to distance himself from his relatives and in this case his cousins.

It is unclear what exactly Dr. Amoah’s concerns are but his frustration comes on the back of concerns raised by many Ghanaians this week following recommendations by the Ntiamoa-Badu committee on emoluments for salaries to be paid the first and Second ladies. The proposal has however been rejected by the two who have since refunded all allowances paid them since 2017. Dr. Amoah who described the timing of the salary proposal as a slap and an affront to the dignity and sanity of all citizens, however, commended the First and Second ladies for rejecting the


The former Chairman of Ghana’s Normalization Committee of the FA and a sympathizer of the NPP has been rather critical of the government in recent times calling for a refund of what he terms “Conflict of interest fees paid to Ministry of Finance guys”.