If there was ever a time to project Caryn Agyeman Prempeh, the era of coronavirus presents itself. Born of a rich heritage and bred with royal elegance, uncommon to ordinary men, Ohemaa as she is affectionately called lived most of her life in London. After studying biomedical science at the University College of London and later pursuing medicine at the School of medical Science (KNUST), Ohemaa knew that a lifetime in the hospital by herself was not where she would feel most fulfilled. Her goal was always to impact her generation.

Doctors have a pretty solid reputation of saving lives, but not many have gone past the challenge of looking beyond medicine into entrepreneurship. So, in 2020 when Ohemaa decided to start her sanitizer business one of her biggest challenges was ensuring sustainability.

She is devoted to her family and has a great fondness for the traditions and customs which were part of her early life. Her’s was not a pampered upbringing, but she grew up with a sense of entitlement and self-importance because of her family background. At first glance, what you see is a beautiful, light skinned and unselfish spirit that shines out like a bright star in the night of a dark and cruel age.

Dr Caryn Agyeman Pempeh
Dr Agyeman Prempeh in her factory


She speaks profoundly about her late grandmother, Ohemaa Afia Kobe Serwaa Ampem II after whom she was named. Owning a business was her passion and the matriarchs of her family, particularly her aunt and grandmother, instilled a sense of responsibility and care in her at an early age.


Ohemaa was heavily influenced by both of her paternal grandparents in a positive way. Her father is King of the Ashanti Kingdom, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. He made sure that all his children (and his children’s children) could hold their own in life, which meant Ohemaa grew up in faith and hope, more significantly, in love. Her grandfather’s wife, Ohemaa’s grandmother was Queen of the Ashanti Kingdom. She was incredibly glamorous and elegant, and her classic beauty had a profound impact on Ohemaa’s own personal aesthetic.

Prior to launching her parent brand, Ohemaa Detergents, she founded a non-profit organization called CERVICA’ focused on creating awareness and educating women on cervical cancer. Her idealistic character makes her believe that she can change the world in her own small way so she  decided that she  could find more personal satisfaction and make a bigger impact by leveraging the success of a non-profit entity to support. Ohemaa currently works at Claron Health International as a resident medical officer after having worked at 37 military and the Komfo Anokye Teaching hospitals.

Ohemaa Hand Sanitizer
Ohemaa in another pose


What is interesting is that Ohemaa Hand sanitizer is just the steppingstone and that we could expect a lot more from her in the coming years. Her portfolio of products now includes Ohemaa Hand Sanitizer, Ohemaa Liquid Soap, Ohemaa Alcohol rub which are FDA approved and certified. Her sanitizer is 70% alcohol based and good enough that you could use them and feel safe —something the market has come to identify with.” Not only is it effective but it is slim, flat, and comes in beautiful colors and scents and it moisturizes while it sanitizes.

Ohemaa sanitizer
A preview of Ohemaa sanitizer


One of the things that struck me about Ohemaa Hand Sanitizer was the brand’s aesthetic, which is stunning, classic, yet sexy and is something Ohemaa has her hands all over both as CEO and Creative. Another quality that makes the brand unique is that it is prepared with your skin in mind so no need to worry about allergies.

The launch of Ohemaa Hand Sanitizer in 2020 coincided with arguably the world’s deadliest pandemic which had claimed millions of lives and made hand sanitizer the most sought-after product worldwide. When the virus hit and hand sanitizer began disappearing from store shelves, she felt the need as a doctor to penetrate this market and provide a sustainable solution to make people healthier and happier”. Ohemaa enjoys marketing on her social media platforms, both on Instagram and twitter and has well branded vans all over to distribute her products, which are available also in selected shops in Kumasi, Accra and other parts of the country. The Doctor-preneur is not only enjoying the prestige of her family name, she is also creating employment for the youth. So far, she has employed ten people and is hoping to employ more when her expansion begins

Ohemaa believes in consistency and growing a sustainable business brand-which comes down to the choices her brand makes such as ensuring her products are made with extra care. Even her packaging is top-notch. Her wish is that her customers will stay loyal by continuously choosing to purchase her products to support a sustainable label. could not agree more with Oheema’s stance on sustainability. I am slowly building up my love for Ohemaa sanitizer which is impeccably made and makes you feel empowered when used.


Oheema vans
Distribution vans for Ohemaa Sanitizer